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What to Do When You Lose Three (3!) Grants in One Week

(In no particular order)

1) Have a full glass of some sort of alcohol, preferably whiskey if readily available (white wine only available today, as shown above)

2) Eat indulgent foods. Examples: Potato pizza, steak, french fries, ice cream, anything drenched in butter, poutine if that’s your thing

3) Watch something funny, even better if dumb funny


5) Ask your cat to hold you, if cat available

6) Don’t work on any more grants for the rest of the day, unless you have one/some due tomorrow

7) Wallow in self-pity (one hour maximum-be sure to set a timer!)

8) Ask grant maker for feedback

9) Move on. As Jay-Z says, ‘On to the next one!’

10) Vow to take over the world

If you have any other tips, please pass them along!