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'C'-ing Lines: Creating the Staff for 'In & Around C'

We’re making the music staff for In & Around C. Check out our laser-cut vinyl! 

Haha, tricked you! You think we’re fancy?! No way! This is the work of human hands. Mad was on her hands and knees for about three hours with a yard stick, meticulously X-acto knifing away as Sugar played photographer, cheerleader, and DJ, adding Purity Ring and My Great Ghost to the playlist.

After the strips were cut, it was time to roll up the vinyl. Sugar was no good at this. Luckily, friend and collaborator Zon Chu, who had come by to discuss a Fall project with NCP, is a really handy and crafty guy! Although we were missing the Olympics, we held our own event for Vinyl Rolling. 

Go Zon!

The prize: beautifully rolled spools of vinyl! 

We’ll have photos coming up next week of the installation. In the meantime, please help us spread the word about our Kickstarter campaign, which ends THIS Friday, August 10!  

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